Gold Pendants

#261 Chrome Diopside & 6 Zircons 14K Pendant  
@1.86ct 10x7.3 oval Chrome Diopside six @ .05ct 2mm round white Zircon accents.         $317

#421 Red Spinel & 3 Zircons 14K  Pendant  
@4.13ct 11mm round Burmese Spinel three @ .09ct 2.5mm round white Zircons accents.          $642

 #410 Ceylon Sapphires 14K Pendant
four @ .2175ct 5x2.5mm marquis blue Sapphires & three @ .09ct 2.5mm round white Sapphires.   Sold 

#167 Citrine 14K Pendant  

@12.5ct 12.8x18.3mm oval Citrine with checkerboard table.

#227 Color Change Alexandrites 14K Pendant
@ 1.21ct 7.5x4.8mm oval Alexandrite (green to lavender)& @ .06ct 2mm round Alexandrite (green to lavender).               $3,195

#249 Cherry Opal 14K Pendant
@ 3ct 8x11mm oval Cherry Opal.

#358 Swiss Blue Topaz & Pink Sapphire 14K Pendant  
@ 3.25ct 10x7.8mm Swiss Blue Topaz & three @ .09ct 2.5mm round Pink Sapphires. 

#202 Marquis Pink Sapphire & 3 Zircons 14K Pendant 
@ 2.48ct 14.5x6.5mm Marquis Pink Sapphire & three @ .07ct 2.5mm round white Zircons.

#248 Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise 14K Pendant 

12x16 oval cabochon.

#245 Candy Zircon & Yellow Sapphire 14K Pendant
@7.1ct 11.5x9.7mm oval Candy Zircon & @ .11ct 2.5mm round Ceylon Yellow Sapphire accent.


#166 White Sapphires 14K Pendant

@1.68ct 7.11mm round vvs2 color E White Sapphire & @.10ct 2.5mm round White Sapphire accent. 

#160 Amethyst & Tsavorite 14K Pendant 
@2.2ct 8x10 mm oval Amethyst (Pao D'Arco mine Brazil) & eight @ .10ct 2.5mm round Tsavorites. 

#153 Chrome Diopside 14K Pendant
@1.65ct 9.8x6.2 mm oval Chrome Diopside


#203 Pink Sapphires 14K White Gold Pendant 
@1.42ct 7.5x5.5mm oval Pink Sapphire & eight @ .036ct 2mm round Pink Sapphires. 

#475 Aquamarine Emerald Cut 14K Pendant 

@3ct 10x8mm emerald cut Aquamarine.

#186 Pink Sapphires Large & Small 14K Pendant
  @1.5ct 7x8mm antique cut Pink Sapphire & @ .07ct 2.5mm round Pink Sapphire accent.

#217 Color Change Sapphires 14K Pendant @4.96ct 12x9mm oval Color Change Sapphire (lavender to pale olive) & three @ .0925ct 2.5mm round color change Sapphire accents.     $997

#387 Marquis Tanzanites & White Sapphire 10K Pendant 
fourteen @.10ct 2.5x5mm marquis Tanzanites & eleven      @ .1363ct 3x2mm emerald cut White Sapphires.

#146 Rounder Peridot 14K Pendant  
@6.41ct 12.4x10.7mm oval Burmese Peridot.

#251 Large Rubellite 14K Pendant
@3.82ct 10.5x12mm oval Rubellite. 

#176 Small Pink Sapphire 14K Pendant & Bail
@1.1ct 7.5x5.5mm oval Pink Sapphire. 

#147 Mandarin Garnet 14K Pendant

@3.70ct 10.3x8.3mm oval Mandarin Garnet & eight @ .0815ct 2.5mm round Pyrope Garnet accents. 

#389 Lapis Lazuli 14K Dangle Pendant and Bail

12x10mm oval cabochon 
Lapis Lazuli.

#154 Rhodolite 14K Pendant

 @5.62ct 12x10.3mm oval Rhodolite Garnet. 

#145 Large Peridot 14K Pendant 
@7.98ct 11x15mm oval Peridot. 

#278 Mexican Black Opal 14K Pendant     
@11x9mm oval cabochon Mexican Black Opal.  

#119 Large Swiss Blue Topaz 14K Pendant 
@6.1ct 14x12mm oval Swiss Blue Topaz. 

#373 Pink Quartz 14K Pendant
@3.96ct 12x9mm oval faceted Pink Quartz.   

#120 Pear Citrine 14K Pendant 
@2.8ct 12x8mm pear shaped golden Citrine. 

#486 Swiss Blue Topaz & Sapphire 14KPendant 
@22.3ct 20x15mm oval Swiss Blue Topaz & @ .12ct 3mm round white Sapphire. 

#426A Citrine & Brown Diamond 14K Pendant  
@3.485ct 11x9mm oval Golden Madeira Citrine & @0.10ct 3mm round Brown Australian Diamond Accent.          $199

#105 London Blue Topaz Pear 14K Pendant

@3ct 12x8mm pear shape London Blue Topaz.

#483 Kunzite Pale Pink 14K Filigree Pendant 
@11ct 14x12 cushion cut Kunzite.

#422 Chrome Diopside & 3 Zircons 14K Pendant 
@ .85ct 6.7x5mm oval Chrome Diopside & three @ .035ct 1.6mm white zircons.

#205 Tiny Deep Pink Sapphire 14K Pendant 
@ .51ct 6x4mm oval deep pink Sapphire.

#118 London Blue Topaz Cushion Cut 14K Pendant
@3.35ct 10x8mm cushion cut London Blue Topaz.

#157 Sky Blue Topaz Round 14K Pendant 
@1.45ct 8mm round sky blue Topaz; 16" GF chain.      

#399 Large Amethyst Oval 14K Pendant 
@4.56ct 14x10mm oval amethyst. 

#101 Swiss Blue Topaz Oval 14K Pendant 
@ 3.65ct 10x8mm oval Swiss Blue Topaz; 16" GF chain.             $119

#121 Swiss Blue Topaz 14K Pendant
@2.76ct 10x8mm oval Swiss Blue Topaz; 16" GF chain. 

#391 Ruby Tiny Three Stone 14K Pendant 
three @ .08ct each 2.5mm round Rubies. 

#544 Emerald Oval 14K Pendant
@1.17ct 8x6mm oval Emerald Solitaire.  

#207 Blue Sapphire Marquis 14K Pendant
@1.52ct 12.5x6mm marquis Australian deep blue Sapphire. 

#236 Peridot Oval 14K Pendant 
@2.71ct 9.3x7.3 oval Burmese Peridot; 16" GF chain. 

#292A Garnet Oval 14K Pendant 
@2.71ct 10x8mm oval Mozambique Garnet; 16" GF chain. 


#266A Peridot 14k Emerald Cut Pendant
@2.3ct 7x5mm emerald cut Peridot. 


#496 Tiny Emerald 14k Pendant 
@.22ct 4mm round Emerald. 



copyright byJanet 2016