Vitreous or Porcelain Enamel

  Enameled metal is created by fusing glass powder to metal at 15000 F.  The art of enameling metal was practiced in widely separated parts of Europe and Asia as early as several centuries B.C.E.  Thus, there is hardly an ancient civilization that has not been claimed as its birthplace.  The appeal of enamel endures because its brilliant color is unaffected by most light, heat and moisture changes that destroy other works of art.  

  Cloisonné enameling, one of the oldest techniques, makes use of wires to separate the colors.  The Limoges method uses very finely ground enamel to draw or paint a picture or design on a background of contrasting enamel.  

  These enameled jewelry pieces are for display only and are no longer being manufactured for sale at byJanet.com.

Cloisonné Tao-Tieh Mask Design Brown Pendant

Cloisonné Ceremonial Mayan Pendant

Cloisonné Tao-Tieh Mask Design Blue Pendant

Cloisonné Tao-Tieh Mask Design Walnut Box

Cloisonné Hearts Design Green Dish

Cloisonné Hearts Design Blue Dish

Copper Studded Nut Dish

Kidney Shaped Studded Nut Dish

Cloisonné Four Point Star Design tray

Cloisonné French Design Pin

Cloisonné Turquoise Scrolls  Pin

Cloisonné Tiny Pendant

Cloisonné Pink Four Point Star Pendant

Cloisonné Shades of Green Pendant

Cloisonné Balloons Pendant

Fine Silver Cloisonné Blue Diamond Design Pendant

Cloisonné Red Oval Diamond Design Pendant

Cloisonné Fish Pendant

Cloisonné Pink Diamond Design Pendant

Cloisonné Swirl Design Pendant

Fine Silver Cloisonné Flowers Pendant

Fine Silver Cloisonné Cross Pendant

Cloisonné Red & Black  Gold Foil Pendant

Fine Silver Cloisonné Green & Blue Diamond Design Pendant

Cloisonné Red & Gold India Pendant

Fine Silver Cloisonné Dark Blue Flowers Design Pendant

Cloisonné Gold & Brown Diamond Design Pendant 

Cloisonné Monopoly Train Pendant

Cloisonné Red & Black Indian Design

Fine Silver Cloisonné Green & Yellow Hearts Pendant

Fine Silver Cloisonné Turquoise & Brown India Design Pendant

Cloisonné Gold & Gray Hearts Design Pendant

Cloisonné Orange Four Point Star Design Pendant 

Cloisonné Red & Gold Indian Design 

Cloisonné Anchor Pin

Cloisonné Yin Yang Tie Tac 

Cloisonné Chess Man Pendant

Fine Silver Foil Cloisonné Byzantine Cross Pendant

Cloisonné Herman Pendant

Cloisonné Axe Pendant

Cloisonné Tattwa Symbols Pendant

Cloisonné Red Four Point Star Design Pendant 

Cloisonné Fine Silver & Gold Foil Byzantine Cross Pendant

Fine Silver Cloisonné Griffon Pendant

Fine Silver Cloisonné Blue & Brown Hearts Pendant

Cloisonné Brown Hearts Design Pendant 

Cloisonné Celtic Design Pin

Cloisonné Sailboat Pin

Cloisonné Emblem Pendant

Cloisonné Turquoise Indian Design Pendant

Cloisonné Christmas Tree Pendant

Cloisonné Indian Design Bolo

Cloisonné Nuts & Bolts Design Pendant

Cloisonné Jade & Lapis Pin

Cloisonné Large Eye of Horus Pendant 

Limoges Ra Pendant

Limoges Large Egyptian Square Pendant

Limoges Tut Cartouche - Throne Name NEBKHEPRURE 

Limoges Tut Cartouche Personal Name TUTANKHAMUN 

Limoges Tut Cartouche Throne Name NEBKHEPRURE Pendant

Limoges Life, Health, Strength Offset Circle Earrings

Limoges Tut Cartouche - Throne Name NEBKHEPRURE 

Limoges Large Crescent Egyptian Necklace

Limoges Pteradon Pendant

Limoges Transparent Mauve Pteradon Pendant

Limoges Blue Pteradactyl Pendant 

Limoges Mallard Pin

Limoges Transparent Leaf Design Pin

Limoges Ladybug Pendant

Limoges Transparent Orange Leaf Pin

Limoges & Stencil Snowman Pendant

Stencil Stoplight Triangle Pendant

Fine Silver Foil Transparent Blue Butterfly Pendant

Fine Gold Leaf Red & Black Pendant

Fine Silver Foil & Beads Blue Pendant

Beads & Stencil Milky Way Galaxy Pendant

Threads & Beads Freeform Flower Pin

Threads & Beads Confetti Design Pendant

Beads Flower Design Open Oval Pendant

Threads & Beads Christmas Bell Pendant

Beads Flower Design Tiny Open Circle Pendant 

Swirl Black Pendant

Swirl White Design

Swirl Transparent Red White & Blue pendant

Red Enamel Heart Pendant

Fine Silver Foil & Beads Double Blue Pendant

Pink Enamel Flower Pendant



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